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Venus has been called Earth's sister planet, since it's fairly close in size (95%), has a density and chemical composition, and has few craters, indicating a similar young age. This led many to believe that there might even be life hidden under the thick layer of clouds. This has since been proven to be impossible.
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Pictures of Venus - Wind StreaksWind StreaksPictures of Venus - Venus in ColorVenus in ColorPictures of Venus - Twin SummitTwin SummitPictures of Venus - Tributary-Like BranchesTributary-Like Branches
Pictures of Venus - TicksTicksPictures of Venus - Sif MonsSif MonsPictures of Venus - Selu CoronaSelu CoronaPictures of Venus - Sacajawea PateraSacajawea Patera
Pictures of Venus - Ridges and TroughsRidges and TroughsPictures of Venus - Recent VolcanismRecent VolcanismPictures of Venus - Radar BrightRadar BrightPictures of Venus - Peak-Ring CraterPeak-Ring Crater

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