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NASA Spinoffs - Apollo Inventions


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Apollo Inventions Benefiting Work and Safety
NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Work & Safety

NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Work & Safety

Top Left: Process for bonding dry lubricant to space metals led to the development of surface enhancement coatings, which are used in applications from pizza making to laser manufacture. Each coating is designed to protect specific metal group or group of metals to solve problems encountered under operating conditions.

Top Middle: Digital signal-processing techniques, originally developed to enhance pictures of the Moon for the Apollo Program, are an indispensable part of Computer-Aided Tomography (CAT) scan & Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technologies used today worldwide.

Top Right: Vacuum metallizing techniques led to an extensive line of commercial products, from insulated outer garments to packaging for foods & from reflective blankets to photographic reflectors.

Bottom Left: Cordless power tools & appliances are one of the most successful commercial spin-offs of space-based technology.

Bottom Middlet: Cool suits, which kept Apollo astronauts comfortable during moon walks, are today worn by race car drivers, hazardous area workers, & people with specific health problems.

Bottom Right: A hollow retroreflector, a mirror-like instrument that reflects light & other radiation back to the source, is used as a sensor to detect the presence of hazardous gases in oil development, chemical plants, waste storage sites & locations where gases could be released into the environment.

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