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NASA Spinoffs - Apollo Inventions


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Apollo Inventions Benefiting Home
NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Home

NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Home

Top Left: Athletic shoe design and manufacture also benefited from Apollo. Space suit technology is incorporated into a shoe's external shell. A stress free "blow molding" process adapted from NASA space suit design is also used in the shoe's manufacture.

Top Right: Freeze-dried food solved the problem of what to feed an astronaut on the long-duration Apollo missions.

Bottom Left: Insulation barriers made of aluminum foil laid over a core of propylene or mylar, which protected astronauts and their spacecraft's delicate instruments from radiation, is used to protect cars and trucks and dampen engine and exhaust noise.

Bottom Right: Water purification technology used on the Apollo spacecraft is now employed in several spinoff applications to kill bacteria, viruses and algae in community water supply systems and cooling towers. Filters mounted on faucets can reduce lead in water supplies.

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