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On This Date in History - September 14


Daily Extra :

Astronomy & Space Fact

The largest recorded specimen of the blue whale is 33 meters (110 feet) long -- about the height of an 11-story building.

Today in History:

1712: Giovanni Domenico Cassini died in Paris, France.

1959: Luna 2 - USSR Lunar Hard Lander impacted on the moon. Luna 2 was the first spacecraft to impact the surface of the moon.

1968: Zond 5 - USSR Lunar Flyby launched. Lunar fly-around and earth return.

1978: Venera 12 - USSR Venus Flyby/Lander launched. Venera 12 landed on December 21, 1978 and returned data for 110 minutes. Electrical discharges, probably from lightning, were recorded.

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