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On This Date in History - March 3


Pioneer 3, 4

Pioneer 3, 4


Daily Extra :

Astronomy & Space Fact

Landsat was the series of revolutionary satellites that were first launched in 1972 for the purpose of systematically photographing the surface of the Earth from space.

Who Was Born Today?:

1838: George W. Hill, U.S. astronomer, Moon orbit
1942: Vladimir Vasilyevich Kovolyonok, USR, cosmonaut, Soyuz 25, 29/31, T-4
1946: James C. Adamson, born Warsaw New York, Lt. Col. U.S. astronaut on STS 28, STS 43
1949: Bonnie J. Dunbar, born Sunnyside, Washington, PhD/astronaut, STS 61-A, 32, 50, 71, 89
1949: James S. Voss, born Cordova, Alabama, Major USA/astronaut, STS 44, 53, 69
1951: Sergei Aleksandrovich Yemelyanov, Russian cosmonaut
1953: Aleksandr Viktorovich Borodin, born in Russia, cosmonaut

Who Died Today?:

1703: Robert Hooke died in London, England

Today in History:

1915: Natl Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NASA forerunner) created

1959: US Probe, Pioneer 4 made a Distant Lunar Flyby. It is now in a solar orbit.

1969: Apollo 9 launched for 151 Earth orbits (10 days)

1987: Pioneer 9, USA Solar Probe (November 8, 1968 - March 3, 1987) died. Still in solar orbit.

1996: NEAR, USA Asteroid Orbiter (Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous) imaged Comet Hyakutake.

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