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Stars, Planets, and Galaxies

Discover stars, planets, and galaxies as you explore the solar system and the universe. Find solar system and deep space information, news, and pictures of celestial objects. Explore planets, stars, black holes, quasars, nebulae, galaxies  other deep sky celestial objects. 
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A Quick Tour of Jupiter's Moons
A quick tour of the planet Jupiter's four largest moons: Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede.

Top 10 Cool Things for Skygazers and their Kids
A top ten list of things to look at in the night sky throughout the year for both northern and southern hemisphere stargazers.

Water on Mars
A look at why planetary scientists are interested in finding water on Mars and other system bodies.

Explore the Oort Cloud:
Ever wondered where comets come from? Where newly discovered outer solar system worlds are? This article explores the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt regions that host them.

That Star's Going to Blow Up!
There's a huge star about to explode in the Southern Hemisphere Skies. Find out what will happen to Eta Carinae when it does!

Light and Astronomy

 Astronomers use light in all its many wavelengths to study the universe. Find out how that works in this brief, informative article. 

Our Galaxy's Magnetic Fingerprint

 Our galaxy has a complex magnetic field structure. Find out here how astronomers discovered and mapped it.

The New Solar System

 Our view of the solar system began to change the minute the first astronomer looked to the sky with a telescope. The New Solar System shows us how much our view has changed in recent years.

From the Desert to the Cosmos
A general overview of the Very Large Array radio telescope installation in New Mexico in the United States, and the radio astronomy science it performs.

Would YOU Go to Mars?
A quick look at the Mars One mission plan to send colonists on a one-way trip to Mars in the next decade or two.

The Language of Astronomy
The first in a series of discussions about the language that astronomers and space scientists use.

Five Fascinating Short Stories from Big Astronomy
A look at five current research areas in astronomy and recent results.

Seasonal Stargazing: what to look for in June
A brief, illustrated guide to stargazing for skygazers this season.

Stargazing in Scorpius
This is a beginner's guide to the constellation Scorpius. It is meant to help beginning astronomers find the star pattern and a few of its deep-sky objects.

Dark Matter 2014

 Dark matter may seem mysterious, and it some ways it is. But, astronomers have learned much about it simply by studying its effect on light, as well as on the matter we can detect.

Curious about Planet Mars?

 The Mars Curiosity mission is giving us an up-close and personal look at the Red Planet. It's so prolific that it's almost like having a Webcam on Mars.

Crux: the Most Famous Southern Constellation
A tour of the Southern Hemisphere's most famous constellation: Crux, the Southern Cross.

Some Thoughts about Stargazing

 Want to get started stargazing? Don't let anything stop you — it's easy and you don't need a bunch of equipment to do it.

Skygazing in July
A short guide to stargazing for the month of July 2014

Visiting Vulcan's Star
A look at the science fiction planet Vulcan and its real-life parent star, 40 Eridani A.

Alpha Centauri: Gateway to the Stars
A trip to Alpha Centauri

What Were the First Stars Like?

 A look at the earliest stars to form in the universe.

Exploring Around Antares
Introducing the star Antares, in the constellation Scorpius.

Explore a Celestial Triangle
The Summer Triangle is an easy-to-find destination in the night sky from summer through late autumn.

The Pale Blue Dot
How our solar system looks from deep space.

Titan: Saturn's Most "Earth-like" Moon
A first look at Titan from the Cassini Mission.

Want to Find Life? Study a Sunset!
A look at Titan and how sunsets there help astronomers understand distant planet atmospheres.

Alien Contact: Are Humans Ready?
Sending messages to aliens might get an answer. Are we ready?

A Black Hole Cannibal at the Heart of the Milky Way
Our galaxy's central black hole gives hints about how supermassive black holes grow.

The Latest from Enceladus

Saturn May Have a New Moon
A look at the most recent discovery at Saturn: the possible formation of a new moon.

Share The Sky With Others
A look at six groups involved in space science and astronomy education and science advocacy.

Discovering and Imaging Alien Worlds
A story about planetary imaging and discovery using the Gemini Planet Imager.

Existence in an Infant Solar System
A look at research showing what life was like on Earth back in the days when bombardment helped change our planet's surface and atmosphere.

When Galaxies Collide!
Galaxy collisions and star formation

Visiting the Closest Stars to Earth
A look at some of the more fascinating stars in the solar neighborhood, close to Earth and the Sun.

Visit the Surface of a Comet!
A look at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, being studied by the Rosetta spacecraft.

How Does a Star Work?

Meteor Showers Revealed
What meteor showers are and why we see them.

August Stargazing
Check out the planets tonight!

Volcano World
Introduction to volcanoes and volcanism.

Twin Telescopes in Two Places
Introducing the Gemini Observatory, two telescopes in two different places.

Sun-Like Stars May Munch on Earth-like Planets
An article about how sun-like stars may gobble up their rocky planets.

Naked Cores and Degenerate Stars
Astronomy has some interesting-sounding terms that are anything BUT risque.

Solving the Martian Climate Mystery

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