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Rigel Information


Pictures of the Star Rigel - Orion Constellation - Rigel Information

Pictures of the Star Rigel - Orion Constellation

STScT/A. Fujii

Other Names:

  • Algebar
  • Elgebar
  • Beta Orionis
  • HR 1713
  • HD 34085


  • Right Ascension: 05 14 32.3
  • Declination: -08 12 06
  • Apparent Magnitude: 0.12
  • Absolute Magnitude: -8.1
  • Distance: 1400 LY
  • Spectral Type: B8Ia


Rigel Information:

The seventh brightest star in the sky, Rigel's name is from the Arabic for foot, indicating its place in the constellation Orion. It is a blue supergiant and part of a 4 star system, consisting of 2 binary stars. Rigel is approximately 1400 light-years from earth. Rigel is in the constellation Orion.

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