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Luyten 726-8A Information


Other Names:

  • UV Ceti A & UV Ceti B


  • Right Ascension: 01 33 49.0
  • Declination: -18 28 28
  • Apparent Magnitude: 15.42 & 15.38
  • Absolute Magnitude: 3.37
  • Distance: 8.73 LY
  • Spectral Type: M5.5 de & M6 Ve


Luyten 726-8A Information:

Luyten 726-8A is primary of a binary star system also including Luyten 726-8B is the sixth closest star to our own sun. It was discovered by Willem Jacob Luyten (1899-1994). Both stars are red dwarfs and too faint to be seen with the naked eye. They are approximately 1/10 the mass of our sun and about 145 of its diameter. Luyten 726-8A is in the constellation Cetus.

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