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Agena Information


Other Names:

  • Beta Centauri
  • HR 5267
  • HD 122451


  • RA 14 03 49.4
  • Dec -60 22 23
  • V 0.61
  • B-V -0.23
  • Spectral Type B1III


Agena Information:

Meaning "the settled land" (Hadar), Agena is a fairly bright star appears to lie close to Alpha Centauri in the sky. In reality, it is more than 100 times further away from Earth than its better-known neighbour. Beta Centauri (Agena) is a blue-white super giant. Paired with Alpha Centauri the two are sometimes called the "pointer stars" because they point to the Southern Cross. Some of Australian aboriginals called them "The Two Men that once were Lions," while others call them the twins that created the world.

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