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Astronomy and Space Puzzles


Test your wit and skills with an Astronomy or Space Puzzle. From less than 50 pieces to over 1000, you'll find astronomy and space puzzles for all ages and skill levels. Clear a spot on the dining room table or on the floor and get ready for a lot of fun as you piece together these astronomy and space puzzles.

1. Earth - Fuller Projection From Space

Earth - Fuller Projection From Space
This image is a mosaic (color composite) of hundreds of satellite images, reveals the entire Earth in natural color, unobstructed by clouds. This satellite topographical map is both beautiful and accurate. The extent of desert is staggering, and the rich, deep oceans show up wonderfully. Through the use of NOAA satellites that follow a polar route, thousands of individual satellite images were combined to produce the truest image of what the Earth looks like.

2. Space Shuttle Endeavor 1000 Piece Puzzle

Space Shuttle Endeavor 1000 Piece Puzzle
A great puzzle of the Space Shuttle Endeavor for the space enthusiast. 1000 Pieces with a puzzle by new number system. Measures 37.5 inches X 14.5 inches when assembled.

3. Space Puzzle Cube

Space Puzzle Cube
Space Toys
Unfolding cube that reveals 9 different space pictures.

2 inches X 2 inches. Detailed NASA photos make for hours of fun. Flip the cube one way and the image becomes the Earth. Flip it another way and it becomes an astronaut on the Moon. Fun for all ages.

4. Set of 7 Space Exploration 3D Puzzle Cards

Set of 7 Space Exploration 3D Puzzle Cards
Space Toys
These 3D Space Puzzle cards are loaded with hours of fun. Each one comes flat and can be punched out and built in a few minutes. This is a set of 7 different puzzles. These are great for parties and space themed events. This set contains...
  • Space Shuttle
  • Apollo Lunar Lander
  • Mir Space Station
  • Saturn V Rocket
  • 3 Different Aircraft

5. Space Maze Puzzles

Space Maze Puzzles
Space Toys
This plastic maze puzzle is perfect for party pack or just for plain old space fun. It is sold in groups of four different puzzles.

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