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Find the latest news and events in the world of astronomy and space exploration. Learn more about recent discoveries by astronomers and space personnel. Find calendars and information on wordly and space events. Discover amazing astronomy facts and figures on space exploration.
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Are You a Space Nerd? - The New Cool of Being a Space Nerd
Nerds Rock. First, computer entrepreneurs became billionaires. It was a great day for geeks when the founder of Microsoft, a fellow geek, began making more money than the highest paid athletes. Many of these computer gurus became as well known as rock stars. Then, Napolean Dynamite hit the big screen and gave nerdiness a cool that not even the Revenge of the Nerds movies could.

NASA Television
NASA Television (NTV), a resource to provide real-time coverage of Agency activities and missions, is now available live on About Astronomy & Space. View NASA TV right on your monitor and check the schedule for broadcasts and launches.

Eclipses and Humans
A look at eclipses and how people have observed and used them throughout our history.

Losing the Dark
Too many lights at night have adverse effects on humans and wildlife. Learn how to light safely and properly and return the dark of night!

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