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Jupiter Pictures; Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun, is also the largest in our solar system. Its average distance is approximately 480 million miles, which is about five times the distance from Earth to the Sun. Unlike the terrestrial planets, Jupiter is a large ball of gas, tightly condensed. It has no surface, though it may have a core composed of comet-like rock-forming minerals, but the core makes up less than 5 percent of the planet's mass, which is approximately 318 times the mass of Earth. Gravity at the top of the clouds in Jupiter's atmosphere is about 2.5 times Earth's gravity. Enjoy these Jupiter Pictures
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Jupiter Pictures Gallery - Storms and MoonsStorms and MoonsJupiter Pictures Gallery - On Approach: Jupiter and IoOn Approach: Jupiter and IoJupiter Pictures Gallery - Moons around JupiterMoons around JupiterJupiter Pictures Gallery - Jupiter's RingsJupiter's Rings
Jupiter Pictures Gallery - Jupiter's Great Red SpotJupiter's Great Red SpotJupiter Pictures Gallery - Jupiter PortraitJupiter PortraitJupiter Pictures Gallery - Jupiter Great Red SpotJupiter Great Red SpotJupiter Pictures Gallery - Jupiter AuroraJupiter Aurora
Jupiter Pictures Gallery - Jupiter Ahoy!Jupiter Ahoy!Jupiter Pictures Gallery - Io and GanymedeIo and GanymedeJupiter Pictures Gallery - Ganymede's ShadowGanymede's ShadowJupiter Pictures Gallery - Full Jupiter MosaicFull Jupiter Mosaic
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