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Top Toy Planetariums


You'll have a stellar time learning about our solar system and the stars with these home planetariums. All you need is a dark room and an imaginations (and batteries of course). Help your kids begin their journey into astronomy with some great educational toys.

1. 3-D Space Projector by Uncle Milton

3-D Space Projector by Uncle Milton
Ages 8 and up. This isn't a planetarium prese, but it will project 25 amazing full-color 3-D images of planets, comets and other exciting space objects. This is a great toy for budding astronomers.

2. National Geographic Talking Planetarium

National Geographic Talking Planetarium
National Geographic
Bring the night sky indoors as a rotating star-dome projects images of Northern Hemisphere stars on the ceiling. Our new talking planetarium tells space stories and nebula narratives about the 24 images from the National Geographic archives found in the guidebook. It's a perfect way to get kids excited about astronomy and space exploration.

3. Discovery Ultimate Star Planetarium

Discovery Ultimate Star Planetarium
Here's another projector which I found to be great for those youngsters with a fascination of space.

View the night sky as it would appear anywhere in the world with this motorized indoor planetarium. As seen on the Today Show!Project 88 constellations; 12 celestial objects, including 8 planets, Pluto and its moon, CharonUses super bright bulbs to project over 600 starsSearchable database with over 600 star facts and mythsInteractive talking computer and backlit navigational screen.

4. Discovery Discovery Star Theater V3 Home Planetarium

Discovery Star Theater V3
When you can't visit a large planetarium in person, bring this small one home. This is a great introduction to the night sky.

Turn your room into a planetarium with hundreds of twinkling stars and constellations projected onto your walls and ceiling. Transforms any room into a 360-degree planetarium. Projects hundreds of realistic stars and constellations on the walls and ceiling. Accurate to season, month, day and hour. Provides fun astronomical facts while stargazing outside. Includes a built-in liquid-filled compass & glow light feature. Accurately positions all the celestial bodies in the sky.

5. Star Theater Planetarium

Using a halogen star projector, project hundreds of stars, planets and constellations (and their names) on walls and ceilings, as they rise above a realistic 360-degree city skyline. This is a fun item which would be a great addition to any collection.

6. Interactive Planetarium with Space Gallery

Besides projecting images, this includes a 3-D model of the solar system. It's also interactive, providing a number of questions and answers for the inquiring mind.

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