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Top 9 High End Space Gifts - For the Space Enthusiast Who Has Everything


Do you have a hard time figuring out what to give someone who seems to have everything? Is there a space "nut" in your life who is hard to shop for? Check out these "high end" space gifts for that special space enthusiast.

1. Incredible Astronaut Adventure

Incredible Adventures gives you a chance to experience life like an astronaut or cosmonaut. From the ultimate adventure aboard the International Space Station to a fun, if sedate, visit to one of the premier air and space museums in the world, you just may find your adventure here.

2. Space Shuttle Orbiters Full Size

Space Shuttle Orbiters Full Size
These are incredible 1 to 1 Space Shuttle Orbiter replicas. These replicas are incredible. Made to close exact dimensions of the original Space Shuttle Orbiters. The price does not reflect an interior but a full interior is available. Please call for more information. This replica will not fly. Shipping and setup are extra.

3. Mars Phoenix Model

Mars Phoenix Model
The Phoenix Mars Mission has a team approach to space exploration and Planetary discovery. This is the first NASA's Mars Scout class; the Phoenix is a collaboration of true team work by combing government, academia, and industry to develop this revolutionary space exploration device. The mission of the is team is to perform analysis on the Martian surface that may provide important answers to the following questions: can the Martian arctic support life, what is the history of water on the planet, and how is the Martian climate affected by polar environmental changes? This replica accurately portrays the teams collaboration. The replica will be 48 inches wide. Other sizes will be available.

4. Space Shuttle Replica 1/48 scale

Space Shuttle Replica 1/48 scale
Space Toys
A very detailed, hand made Space Shuttle. The backbone of the NASA manned space exploration program. Custom made per order.
  • This is a giant.
  • Even in 1/48 scale the Space Shuttle is over 4 feet tall.
  • Walk around this model and you will see untold detail, things that you never knew were on the real thing!
  • Corrugations, tunnels, personnel access doors, antennae, vents and much more.
  • 20" black walnut display base with nameplate and wooden shipping crate included.
Designed with the high end collector or museum in mind these are hand made and hand painted.

Custom made per order with attention to detail applied through the whole process.

Since they are hand made per order there are no two exactly alike. This is a one of a kind item.

5. Apollo 11 Space Suit Hi-Fi Replica

Apollo 11 Space Suit Hi-Fi Replica
Space Toys
Buy your own Apollo 11 NASA Space Suit. If you are interested in high end, Museum Quality, Astronaut Space Suits then this is the suit for you.

Have you ever wanted to buy or purchase an Apollo 11 Space Suit? These Apollo 11 Space Suits are hand made per order. Attention is paid to detail from the start with machining of aluminum hose fittings and neck ring to the anodizing of the aluminum fittings. All of the metal parts are hand created. Each suit is hand sewn. Each helmet is also hand made from adding the gold to the visor to adding the cloth wrap cover.

Made from a heavy duty Nylon Cordura, this suit was built for wear and tear. It can be worn again and again or placed on display. Truly fantastic for the Collector or Museum.

6. Apollo 11 Hi-Fi Astronaut Helmet

Apollo 11 Hi-Fi Astronaut Helmet
Space Toys
An Apollo 11 Space Helmet made for the Museum. A very detailed Apollo 1 space helmet. It goes great with any of our space suits.

If you are interested in a high end, Museum Quality, Accurate astronaut space helmet then this is the one for you.

The design and molds for this Space Helmet were taken from an authentic NASA Apollo 11 Helmet. These are built to our exact specifications per order with high attention paid to detail.

Made from a combination of fiberglass, metals, plastics and a double stitched heavy duty Nylon Cordura cloth cover. It can be worn again and again or placed on display. If you are considering the Apollo 11 Museum Space Suit this is a great starting place.

7. Apollo 17 Spacesuit Helmet Replica

Apollo 17 Space Helmet Replica
Countdown Creations
OK, maybe you're not ready to break the bank to own your own spacesuit. At least consider the helmet. Like the suit, it was made from designs and mold from an authentic NASA Apollo 17 A7LB Space Helmet.

8. Telescopes From $10,000.00 and Up

These telescopes are for the serious amateur or professional. Many are observatory quality. If your recipient has discriminating tastes, these are the telescopes you should consider.

9. Space Shuttle Cockpit Play Center

Kids' imaginations can really take them to space in the playhouse built like a space shuttle cockpit. The control panel is blank to allow for customization with stickers.

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