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Harvest Moon

A Brief Explanation


Earth's Moon - Luna

Harvest Moon - Earth's Moon - Luna

September’s full moon, the Harvest Moon, has a special place in our agricultural history. Through most of the year, the moon rises each day about 50 minutes later than the day before. However, when the autumnal equinox approaches, the difference in rise times drops to about 25 to 30 minutes and even farther north, the difference is 10 to 15 minutes. As the Harvest Moon rises after sunset, this provides extra minutes of light each evening for farmers to work longer hours harvest their crops.

Today, a Harvest Moon is relates to the full moon which falls closest to the Fall equinox. With advanced farming techniques and electric lights, it is not as important because to farmers today as in the past. It may be more important to some for religious purposes. (See Pagan/Wiccan and Alternative Religions) The Harvest Moon can land anywhere between September 8 and October 7.

To discover when future Harvest Moons or other full moons may occur, check out our Moon Phase Calendar. To learn about other full moons besides the Harvest Moon, check out Named Moons.

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