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Top 10 Space Shuttle Challenger Books


When the space shuttle Challenger disaster occurred, it exploded killing all aboard, it shocked the nation, started a NASA investigation, and led to many changes in the space shuttle program. Most of us remember where we were when we learned of the Challenger disaster. Read the top Space Shuttle Challenger books and delve deeper into the tragedy. These 10 top Space Shuttle Challenger books will provide a better insight into what actually happened.

1. The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster in American History

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Book - Top 10 Space Shuttle Challenger Books
By Suzanne Lieurance -- This is an intriguing contrast of the triumphs and failures of America's space program against the disaster of the space shuttle Challenger explosion. A must read for anyone concerned for the program after the Challenger disaster.

2. The Tragedy of the Space Shuttle Challenger

Tragedy of the Space Shuttle Challenger - Top 10 Space Shuttle Challenger Books
By Henry M. Holden -- This series captures the dreams and nightmates of space exploration. This book focuses on the Challenger disaster, its causes and aftermath. Thought provoking.

3. Space Shuttle Challenger (Day of the Disaster)

By Sue Hamilton -- As a journalist, myself, I appreciated the views in this reporter's story of the Challenger's last flight.

4. Challenger: America's Space Tragedy (Countdown to Space)

By Michael D. Cole -- This is a great indepth look at the whole fiasco. It delves deeply into the investigation to get at the truth.

5. The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA

By Diane Vaughan -- Diane Vaughn looks closely at the events which led up to the Challenger disaster to present a case of mistakes not "skullduggery."

6. The Truth About Challenger: NASA Engineer Challenger Tragedy Investigator

By Randy Avera -- This book could make you come away with a renewed sense of optimism. It looks closely at the investigation and pays tribute to all the people who make the space program work.

7. The Challenger Disaster: Tragic Space Flight

By Carmen Bredeson -- This is an impressive indepth look at the tragedy that stunned the world.

8. Teacher in Space: Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger Legacy

By Colin Burgess, Foreword by Grace George Corrigan -- Through her life, Christa McAuliffe already had inspired many people and was set to inspire the world. Her unfortunate death toughed millions and she left a beautiful legacy.

9. Christa McAuliffe (Explore Space! Series)

By Thomas Streissgut and James Gerard -- This is a wonderful concise biography of an incredible woman.

10. Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident

From the horses mouth, so to speak. This is the report drawn up by the commission that investigated the Challenger tragedy.

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