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Space Exploration

Space missions, space programs, and the future of space exploration. 
  1. Astronomy History (10)
  2. Space Exploration History (37)

Eclipses and Humans
A look at eclipses and how people have observed and used them throughout our history.

The Mars Exploration Rovers
A quick look back at ten years of Mars exploration by the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) Spirit and Opportunity.

Water on Mars
A look at why planetary scientists are interested in finding water on Mars and other system bodies.

African-Americans in Astronomy and Space
During February, the U.S. celebrates Black History Month. Here at About Astronomy and Space, join us as we discover the importance of this month.

African-Americans in Astronomy and Space - African-American (Black) History...
African-Americans have played a major role in the history of the United States of America and have much to be proud of. Here, we would like to celebrate just a few of the achievements of African-Americans in the fields of astronomy and space.

Astronomy and Space Timeline - Table of Contents
The history of astronomy and space exploration timeline.

Women's History Month - Contributions of Women to Astronomy & Space Exploration
The week was chosen to coincide with International Women's Day, March 8. Three years later, congress finally established a National Women's History Week, which finally became Women's History Month in 1987.

Want to Know How A Black Hole Swallows Stars?
Want to Know How A Black Hole Swallows Stars? A story about how computer models help astronomers understand black hole eating habits.

The Amazing Hubble Space Telescope
A look at the Hubble Space Telescope, its instruments, and overall mission.

Cosmic Beauty
A trip through just a few of Hubble Space Telescope's many beautiful space images.

Astronomers See "Cosmic Mirages"
A look at gravitational lensing, a natural phenomenon in space that is helping astronomers look at very distant obects.

Explore the Oort Cloud:
Ever wondered where comets come from? Where newly discovered outer solar system worlds are? This article explores the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt regions that host them.

That Star's Going to Blow Up!
There's a huge star about to explode in the Southern Hemisphere Skies. Find out what will happen to Eta Carinae when it does!

Our Galaxy's Magnetic Fingerprint

 A Different Way to See our Galaxy

Anndromeda and the Hidden Black Holes
Explore the black holes of the Andromeda Galaxy through the sensors of the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

Five Fascinating Short Stories from Big Astronomy
A look at five current research areas in astronomy and recent results.

Dark Matter 2014

 What do we know about the mysterious dark matter?

Space Junk Danger

 What are the chances of being bombarded by space debris?

Visiting Vulcan's Star
A look at the science fiction planet Vulcan and its real-life parent star, 40 Eridani A.

Alpha Centauri: Gateway to the Stars
A trip to Alpha Centauri

Apollo 11: 45 Years Later
A short retrospective about the Apollo 11 mission and what it means for us 45 years later.

Next Exit: Europa
A visit to Europa will help uncover possible abodes for life in its deep oceans.

The Pale Blue Dot
How our solar system looks from deep space.

Vacation in the Stars!
Introducing a story about places to visit if you're interested in astronomy and space.

Titan: Saturn's Most "Earth-like" Moon
A first look at Titan from the Cassini Mission.

Want to Find Life? Study a Sunset!
A look at Titan and how sunsets there help astronomers understand distant planet atmospheres.

Alien Contact: Are Humans Ready?
Sending messages to aliens might get an answer. Are we ready?

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