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Top 10 Astronomy Books for Adults


Check out these top astronomy books for adults. Find astronomy books to complete your knowledge and library. From the basics through telescopes, these astronomy books will give you the insight you need.

1. Beyond Earth

Beyond Earth
National Geographic
This book is stunningly illustrated. It took my breathe away. Co-published with the Smithsonian Institution to coincide with the opening of "Explore the Universe, " a new exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum, this distinguished volume of essays presents 5,000 years of space exploration--from the Chinese and Aztecs to the Hubble Space Telescope--in a magnificent blend of art and science. 135 archival photos.

2. Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey
National Geographic
This book takes on that age old question, "What's out there?", and does it admirably. It's a must read.

3. Astronomy for Dummies

Astronomy for Dummies
By Stephen P. Maran - Like the other dummies books, this puts astronomy information into easy to understand terms.

4. Complete Idiots Guide to Astronomy

Complete Idiot's Guide to Astronomy
Idiot Guides
This guide provides skywatching buffs with explanations on the stars, the moons, the planets, and other solar systems. Special attention is given to comets, asteroids, and other galactic phenomena.

5. Astronomy Today (4th Edition)

Astronomy Today
Prentice Hall College Div
By Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan - This book is a great text for studying astronomy, whether formally or informally. It is a thoughtful revision of the bestselling introductory text, with dramatic new illustrations and computer simulations. Featuring the familiar inside-out approach, this text is unique among intro texts for its focus on science literacy and comparatively greater weighting in stars/galaxies.

6. Nightwatch

Firefly Books
By Terence Dickinson - This is one of my favorite books on stargazing. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in the topic. Often cited as the best introduction to stargazing the 4th edition of NightWatch is revised throughout and includes star charts, equipment suggestions, astrophotography, tables and references good until 2018, and is a friendly and knowledgeable guide.

7. Science Explorer: Astronomy

By Prentice Hall - One of the best text books available for the astronomy student.

8. Bad Astronomy

By Philip C. Plait - Phil Plait is my hero. This book will help you sort fact from fiction in the astronomy world.

9. Don't Know Much About the Universe

By Kenneth C. Davis - Ever since I read Davis's Don't Know Much About History, I've been a fan. This book will introduce you to topics you never considered before.

10. Astronomy Demystified

By Stan Gibilisco - This was one of the easiest books I've ever read on the topic of astronomy. It's a must for anyone interested in astronomy.

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