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Arts and Family Crafts

For active hands, discover artwork and family crafts with an astronomy and space twist. Fidn many projects including models and family crafts.
  1. Family Crafts

Lunar Prospector Model
Four large and three small marshmallows; heavy (white) coverstock paper; scissors; hole punch; soda straws; two highlighter markers (one yellow and one blue); scotch tape, aluminum foil, 15-30 min of time. First, get the pattern and print it out on thick cardstock (consult your printer's user manual to make sure you're able to print on cardstock).

Make a Cassini Spacecraft That's Good Enough to Eat
You can construct an edible spacecraft with some major components of the real thing. The Cassini spacecraft features a large dish antenna for communicating with Earth on the main body. A long boom out the side carries a magnetometer, an extremely sophisticated compass for measuring the direction & strength of a planetary magnetic field.

Galactic Mobile - Family Crafts
From Education World's Space: The Final Frontier lesson plan.

Spacey Things to Make - Family Crafts
From NASA, a collection of fun things you can make. I especially love the pop rocket.

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