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Activities for Kids - Astronomy and Space Related

Discover fun and exciting activities for kids of all ages dealing with astronomy and space exploration.

30 Minute Rocket - Build an Air Powered Bottle Rocket in 30 Minutes
You can make a 30 Minute Rocket with straws and a soda bottle. What you need: plastic soda pop bottle, one thin drinking straw, one thick drinking, straw, tape, clay, scissors, and copy or computer paper. Follow the instructions for the 30 Minute Rocket. Give the bottle a quick squeeze. You have an air bottle rocket!

Build an Edible Space Shuttle - Learn About the Space Shuttle By Making a ...
The Space Shuttle is called the Space Transportation System (STS). It can carry astronauts into space. It can take supplies to the Space Station. You can learn about the Space Shuttle and its parts by making a snack. Buils an edible space shuttle.

Activity Book for Kids
Here's a fun activity book for young astronauts and astronomers from your About Astronomy and Space Guide. Open each page of the activity book and print it. You may print as many copies as you would like for personal use, but please leave the copyright notice in place.

Astronomy and Space Quizzes - Try Your Hand at Our Astronomy & Space Quizzes
Astronomy and Space Quizzes - Try Your Hand at Our Astronomy & Space Quizzes

Spacey Things to Do
From NASA, lots of fun games and puzzles.

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