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The Moon Sign in a Birth Chart (Astrology) - About Astrology
What is the Moon Sign in a Birth Chart?: The Moon is in a new constellation every couple of days, and its location on the Zodiacal wheel at the moment of your ...
Magical Moon Phases - Monthly Full Moon Correspondences
Each of the monthly full moons has its own associations with magic and folklore. Use this list of the different full moon phases to get information on how to ...
The Moon and Its Signs Through the Zodiac - About Astrology
The Private You. In astrology, the Moon is the inner reality of the spirit, and your emotional base. The Moon is your comfort zone. It hints at what kinds of things ...
Find Your Moon Phase - About Astrology
First, find the sign and degree of your Moon and Sun on your birth chart. Then plot these on a blank wheel, using the Sun and Moon glyphs. What you'll be ...
All About the Moon - Living in Synch, Synastry, Full and New
All about the astrological Moon: Moon rhythms, new and full Moon inspiration, Moon signs, Moon love compatibility, eclipses and progressed Moon.
Moon in Leo Profile - About Astrology
The Leo Moon person is gregarious, loyal and prone to sudden outbursts of great enthusiasm.
Aries New Moon in the Houses - About Astrology
The New Moon is Aries is like walking through a purifying fire, to burn off sleepy habits and get you animated. In the direct glare of Aries, the essence of a ...
The Dark Moon Astrological Profile - About Astrology
When is the Dark Moon?: Also known as the "dead" Moon, this is the time when there is no solar reflection, leaving the lunar face in darkness. The dark lasts ...
What's Happening at the Full Moon? - About Astrology
Many people feel the energetic buzz of the Full Moon. What's cool to note, is that it always means the Sun and Moon are in opposite Zodiac signs. It's a super ...
Moon in Cancer -- Profile of Cancer Moon - About Astrology
A profile of the Moon in Cancer with a list of famous examples.
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