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What Is the Doppler Effect? - Definition in Astronomy
The Doppler effect, named after Austrian physicist Christian Doppler who first proposed it in 1842, is the result of an object which is emitting radiation, moving ...
What is Blueshift? - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Blueshift is a direct result of the doppler effect, though they are other phenomenon that can also result in light becoming blueshifted. As an object emitting ...
What is Redshift? - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Some of the most common applications of the doppler effect (both redshift and blueshift) are police radar guns, as well as doppler weather radar.
Doppler Effect in Light: Red Shift & Blue Shift - Physics - About.com
Learn about the manifestation of the Doppler effect from a moving light source and how the observed light exhibits either a red shift or blue shift to the ...
The Doppler Effect for Sound Waves - Physics - About.com
The Doppler effect takes place when source or observer of waves (generally sound) are moving, creating an alteration in the perceived frequency.
How Does Doppler Radar Work? - Physics - About.com
A description of the physical principle behind Doppler radar. ... reflected off of the moving object, the wave is shifted as outlined by the relativistic Doppler effect.
The Big Bang Theory 106 - "The Middle Earth Paradigm" - Physics
The Episode's Science. The Doppler Effect: After their first costume attempt fails ( all four attempted to go as The Flash), Sheldon dresses in a black body-suit that ...
Astronomy: Double star, doppler effect, member stars - AllExperts
Jan 31, 2005 ... doppler effect, member stars, characteristic frequencies: Hi Michael, That can be found by studying the wobble of the star. Light from a double ...
Space and Astronomy for Kids: REDSHIFT, big bang theory, doppler ...
Jan 27, 2005 ... big bang theory, doppler effect, freshman high school: Stacy, The big bang theory is now being challenged as maybe it s not what happened, ...
Deutsche im Weltall - Germans in Space - German Language
That prime science objective was derived from the Doppler shift of the Probe Relay Link signal from the Huygens probe (ESA) to the Cassini orbiter (NASA).
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