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What is Blueshift? - Space/Astronomy - About.com
Definition: Blueshift is a direct result of the doppler effect, though they are other phenomenon that can also result in light becoming blueshifted. As an object ...
What Is the Doppler Effect? - Definition in Astronomy
Blueshift. Conversely, when a source of radiation is approaching an observer the wavelengths of light appear closer together, effectively shortening the ...
What is Redshift? - Space/Astronomy - About.com
This phenomenon is due to the doppler effect. Some of the most common applications of the doppler effect (both redshift and blueshift) are police radar guns, ...
Doppler Effect in Light: Red Shift & Blue Shift - Physics - About.com
Learn about the manifestation of the Doppler effect from a moving light source and how the observed light exhibits either a red shift or blue shift to the ...
The Big Bang Theory 106 - "The Middle Earth Paradigm" - Physics
This causes a shift in the wavelength of the light, so it's sometimes referred to as either "redshift" or "blueshift" depending on the direction of motion of the light ...
Optics Overview - Physics - About.com
... Particle Duality · Young's Double Slit Experiment · Electromagnetic Spectrum of Light · Visible Light Spectrum · Doppler Effect in Light - Redshift and Blueshift ...
Space Definitions, B Topics - Space/Astronomy - About.com
black-hole dynamic laws · blackbody radiation · blackbody temperature · Blueshift · More . Tycho Brahe - Public Domain. Tycho Brahe. Public Domain ...
What is Hubble's Law? - Space/Astronomy - About.com
... toward the red end of the spectrum (redshift) and when an object is approaching the spectral lines are shifted toward the blue end of the spectrum ( blueshift).
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