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What is Blueshift? - Space and Astronomy - About.com
Blueshift is a direct result of the doppler effect, though they are other phenomenon that can also result in light becoming blueshifted. As an object emitting ...
What Is the Doppler Effect? - Definition in Astronomy
The doppler effect is a phenomenon by which a source's radiation appears to be of higher (blueshifted) or lower (redshifted) energy than it really is. This is ...
What is Redshift? - Space and Astronomy - About.com
This phenomenon is due to the doppler effect. Some of the most common applications of the doppler effect (both redshift and blueshift) are police radar guns, ...
Doppler Effect in Light: Red Shift & Blue Shift - Physics - About.com
Learn about the manifestation of the Doppler effect from a moving light source and how the observed light exhibits either a red shift or blue shift to the ...
Astronomy: Red shift and Blue Shift, orbit around the sun, timeless void
Sep 7, 2005 ... If this is so, then under what circumstances does an object in the night sky show a blue shift toward the Earth? We are all moving away from the ...
Blueshift Odyssey - Warped Tour 2013 Wish List - About.com
Blueshift Odyssey. Blueshift Odyssey is an amazing band and deserves this opportunity just as much as the next! GO Blueshift Odyssey!!!!!! —Guest Tara S ...
Astronomy: Where is Our Galaxy in the universe?, thoughtful ...
Apr 10, 2005 ... However, if the universe is expanding, shouldn't some galaxiese we can see being moving toward us and indicate a blue shift? If the universe ...
Astronomy: Double star, doppler effect, member stars - AllExperts
Jan 31, 2005 ... ... stars), undergoes a periodic red and blue shift due to the doppler effect. when the brilliant star approaches us, its light undergoes a blue shift, ...
Water absorption spectrum
Aug 27, 2014 ... Water Absorption Spectrum. Water absorbs a wide range of electromagnetic radiation with rotational transitions and intermolecular vibrations ...
Time Dilation in Physics - About.com
The effects of time dilation are used often in science fiction stories, dating back to at least the 1930's.
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