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Buzz & Sally
The Adventures of Buzz & Sally - The Glorks



Sally and Buzz just visited a planet where the Glorks live. There are two different kinds of Glorks, the circles, who have circles on their heads and the triangles, who have triangles on their heads. They don't get along very well. All of the triangles used to work for the circles. Now, many of the triangles own their own businesses, and some of them resent the circles for their prosperity. Some of the circles are afraid the triangles will take away their way of life.

Buzz and Sally were sad to see people with so much in common not able to get along. Sally tried to tell everyone that they were very much alike. There are short circles and tall triangles and tall circles and short triangles. "Yeah," Buzz chimed in. "There are green circles and green triangles and purple triangles and purple circles."

Some of the Glorks understood what Sally and Buzz were saying and tried to make friends with their neighbors. Others were still suspicious of any Glork who didn't have the same head design as themselves.

As they left the planet of the Glorks, Buzz and Sally waved at their new friends, but they were still sad. "Why can't the Glorks get along?" Buzz asked Sally.

"I don't know, but now that a lot of them have started to, maybe the others will too."

  • Is there anyone you know who looks different from you?
  • How do you feel about people who have skin of a different color, or who have different religious beliefs?
  • Remember that we all have a lot in common, just as all of us who look similar have differences. Let's all try to treat everyone with respect and friendship.
  • Let's talk about it. Visit the Discussion Forum.
Buzz & Sally by Wendy Hogan of the Kids' Turn Central website.

Glorks by Nick Greene.

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