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Return To The Moon

Colonizing Our Neighbor, The Moon?


More that 30 years after Apollo 17 left the moon, are we going to return to the moon?

More that 30 years after Apollo 17 left the moon, are we going to return to the moon?

More than 30 years after the last person left the moon, are we on the verge of returning?

The Trans Lunar Research (TLR) Organization believes we are. Their major goal is to set up the first manned Lunar Station on the surface of the Moon. TLR is currently developing in-house, and at various locations around the world, less expensive hardware required to achieve this goal. Trans Lunar Research Organization calls itself “a private space agency supporting space technology development.” They provide cash grants to selected organizations, working toward this process.

TLR plans to avoid developing massive launch vehicles like the Saturn-Vs used during the Apollo missions by using the Earth-Orbit Rendezvous method. Six Triton Launch vehicles will carry aloft the pieces necessary to construct the Trans Lunar Injection Vehicle (TLIV), the Lunar Orbit/Trans Earth Injection Vehicle (LOTEIV), and the Lunar Hopper (LH).

Planners at TLR have chosen the moon’s south pole as the best place for a colony for two reasons. There is a 99% chance of finding water ice and it’s close to the peak which has been called the "peak of eternal light." Sitting at the intersection of three craters’ rims, this peak rises 4000 feet, and it is believed that like the old British Empire, the sun never sets there.

Trans Lunar Research's web site says, "Humans will not truly become spacefarers until they learn to live beyond low earth orbit." They compare a 3 or 4 day trip to the Moon with a 6 month journey to Mars. Stating that, “The Moon provides all of the raw materials required for human to live such as water, oxygen, nitrogen and raw materials such as aluminum, iron, and titanium.” TLR believes the moon would be the ideal environment to develop off-world mining techniques, create off-world energy processes, and provide an expansion place for humans.

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