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Space / Astronomy October 2010 Archive


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Would You Go to Mars if You Knew You Could Never Come Home?

Friday October 29, 2010
The title of this post sounds like one of those queries that academics pose each other as they ponder the psychological nature of man. Or perhaps it is more akin ... Read More

NASA's EPOXI Mission Nears Rendezvous with Comet Hartley 2

Thursday October 28, 2010
Next week NASA's EPOXI (a combination of two acronyms that describe its two objectives: Extrasolar Planet Observations and Characterizations, and Deep Impact Extended Investigation) mission will arrive to its date ... Read More

NASA Recreates Conditions Near the Sun to test New Probes

Monday October 25, 2010
The primary focus of my research is the study of neutron stars, extremely compact objects capable of releasing incredible amounts of energy. To explore the physics of these dynamic objects ... Read More

New Galaxy Discovered is Most Distant Object Ever Detected

Friday October 22, 2010
In astronomy we usually associate the cool and important objects in the Universe with memorable names; the Crab Nebula and the Andromeda and Sombrero Galaxies are a few that come ... Read More

NASA Scrambles to Fix a Leak Before Space Shuttle Discovery's November Launch

Wednesday October 20, 2010
The time is fast approaching. Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled to lift off, for what will be the last time, on November 1. But shuttle scientists have discovered a small ... Read More

Comet Hartley 2 a Sight to See This Week

Monday October 18, 2010
Throughout much of October the Comet Hartley 2 has been a brilliant target for backyard astronomers, providing naked eye visibility in some corners of the country. But this week this ... Read More

Did Scientists Really Discover a New Habitable Planet? Controversy Arises.

Sunday October 17, 2010
A couple weeks ago I reported the detection of the first planet outside our solar system that is roughly the right size and distance from its parent star to possibly ... Read More

Is NASA Covering Up Proof of Aliens?

Thursday October 14, 2010
I love a good conspiracy theory. Not because I actually believe any of them are true, but because the idea of deep government conspiracies and cover-ups are entertaining to think ... Read More

Take Me To Your Leader? Not Quite...

Wednesday October 13, 2010
I reported a couple of weeks ago that the U.N. had tasked with Office for Outer Space Affairs with the added responsibility of being our ambassadors to any alien visitors ... Read More

Orion Capsule Could See First Test Flights By 2013

Tuesday October 12, 2010
With the recent signing of the NASA budget into law, the funding provided will allow NASA, and its contractors, to begin laying the framework for the next steps in manned ... Read More

Northern Lights Dimming

Wednesday October 6, 2010
The recent solar activity has come people worried. Not because of what is happening now, but rather what it implies about our future. Many of the doomsday scenarios laid out by ... Read More

NASA Charts New Direction

Monday October 4, 2010
The battle is drawing to a conclusion. The political war that has raged since the early part of 2010, when President Obama announced a decided change in NASA's goals, took ... Read More

Astronomers Find Planet that Could Support Life

Friday October 1, 2010
Long has man been fascinated with the possibility of finding life on other worlds. This dream has been the subject of countless movies, books and even chronicled right here by ... Read More

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