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Space / Astronomy January 2007 Archive


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Apollo 11 Lost in Space

Wednesday January 31, 2007
At least the video tapes of that historic event seem to be. As we told you last August, NASA misplaced original Apollo recordings from those historic lunar missions. Included in the ... Read More

More Trouble for Hubble

Tuesday January 30, 2007
NASA says that its engineers are examining a problem related to the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) aboard the agency's Hubble Space Telescope. On Jan. 27, the observatory entered a ... Read More

Pluto - Down but Not Out

Monday January 29, 2007
In his Cosmic Log, Alan Boyle says that another Alan, Stern, top scientist behind NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto, believes that demoted planet is making a comeback. Stern dubs ... Read More

Sad Weekend in NASA History

Friday January 26, 2007
This weekend has sad memories for NASA and all of us associated with the exploration of space. Forty years ago Saturday, NASA experienced its first loss of life in a spacecraft. ... Read More

2006 Oscar Nominees Announced

Tuesday January 23, 2007
The nominees for the 79th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) were announced this morning. Once again, astronomy and space related films were not to be found in the main categories. In ... Read More

2007 Heads of Agency Joint Statement

Tuesday January 23, 2007
The heads of the International Space Station partners, which includes space agencies from Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States, met at European Space Agency Headquarters in Paris, France, ... Read More

Astronomical Events Calendar

Friday January 19, 2007
Want to know what's happening in the world of space exploration and astronomy? Check out our Astronomical Events Calendar. Discover Eclipses, Meteor Showers, Planetary Transits and other astronomy events. Learn about ... Read More

Phoenix Landing Site Woes

Thursday January 18, 2007
We mentioned the Phoenix mission recently when we discussed a theory that NASA had killed life on Mars. Now, LiveScience says that both Aviation Now and The Rocky Mountain News are ... Read More

2006: Big Year for Space Junk

Wednesday January 17, 2007
According to Live Science, 2006 may have had a slow start, but by the end of the year, there were more satellite breakups than during any year since 1993, eight ... Read More

Word of the Year; "Plutoed"

Tuesday January 9, 2007
Our little planet that was, is in the news again, and receiving some recognition, though not from astronomers. In its 17th annual Words of the Year vote, the American Dialect ... Read More

Did NASA Probes Kill Martian Life?

Monday January 8, 2007
Do you remember the old tee shirt that read, "Join the army, meet interesting people, kill them." One Washington State University geology professor wonders if NASA may have accidentally had ... Read More

NASA Mars Team Teaches Old Rovers New Tricks to Kick Off Year Four

Friday January 5, 2007
NASA says their twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, now nearing the third anniversary of their landings, are getting smarter as they get older. Remaining active so much longer that ... Read More

Titan Has Liquid Lakes, Scientists Report in Nature

Thursday January 4, 2007
According to NASA, Scientists report definitive evidence of the presence of lakes filled with liquid methane on Saturn's moon Titan in this week's journal Nature cover story. Radar imaging data ... Read More

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