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Space / Astronomy July 2003 Archive


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Back To School With About Astronomy/Space

Thursday July 31, 2003
The end of Summer is here and it's time to go back to school for many people. Get a jump on the school year with About Astronomy/Space In The Classroom. ... Read More

World Officials Back Space Station

Thursday July 31, 2003
A CNN.com article says the heads of five international space agencies met recently for the first time since the loss of the space shuttle Columbia. All vowed to continue support ... Read More

Why Go To Mars?

Wednesday July 30, 2003
Dume (DUME3) asks: "Why do we even want to go to mars. Is it just a human thirst for knowledge and exploration or just a way for the u.s. ... Read More

Mars Closest To Earth in 50,000 Years

Wednesday July 30, 2003
August of 2003 is a special time for scientists and amateur astronomers. Our red neighbor, Mars will move closer than itís been in 50,000 years. On August 27, 2003, the ... Read More

Hill Asserts Role in Shuttle's Future

Tuesday July 29, 2003
The Washingtonpost.com says it may not be up to NASA when the space shuttle flies again. The entire fleet of space shuttles has been grounded ever since the Columbia disintegrated during ... Read More

World's Biggest Dish Opens Wider

Tuesday July 29, 2003
MSNBC reports that the telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico is getting "a $1 million makeover to open its window on the radio universe seven times wider." The giant in the ... Read More

Europe Takes Aim at U.S. Space Monopoly

Tuesday July 29, 2003
CNN.com says that "In sectors ranging from aviation to mobile communications, Europe has come from nowhere to challenge the United States where it once dominated." They go on to wonder ... Read More

Milestone Marked In Space

Tuesday July 29, 2003
A milestone will be marked in space today, the 1,000th consecutive day of people living and working aboard the International Space Station. Seven crews have lived on the Space Station, ... Read More

NASA Joins International Earth Observation Summit

Tuesday July 29, 2003
On Thursday, July 31, 2003, senior administration officials and representatives from more than 30 nations meet in Washington to establish plans for an integrated international Earth observation system.

SALT Will Shake Up Astronomical World

Monday July 28, 2003
A new observatory that promises to give Wisconsin astronomers unique access to the southern sky is now a prominent feature on a remote South African plateau. The observatory that will house ... Read More

NASA Promises to Break Culture of Silence

Monday July 28, 2003
Saying that "engineers who desperately wanted zoom-in satellite pictures of the damaged Columbia in orbit" were afraid to speak up in meetings, CNN.com reports that NASA chief Sean O'Keefe is ... Read More

Water Map Is "Another Piece In Mars Puzzle"

Monday July 28, 2003
According to USATODAY.com "Planetary scientists have unveiled a color map of water hidden on Mars." Besides being a key ingredient for the possibility of life on Mars at some time ... Read More

Launch The Kids Into Virtual Space

Monday July 28, 2003
Join Smithsonian Education's "Race to Space" and experience a "Walk on the Moon" with Smithsonian Education's virtual exhibit. Explore the universe and complete your space trip by launching into lesson ... Read More

Next International Space Station Crew Named

Friday July 25, 2003
Veteran NASA astronaut Michael Foale and seasoned Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri are set to be the eighth crew to live aboard the International Space Station. They're scheduled to begin their ... Read More

Cosmonaut Bride Says Space Wedding On

Wednesday July 23, 2003
As I reported yesterday, the Space Wedding of Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and Ekaterina Dmitriev is still on. CNN.com is reporting that Dmitriev told News 24 of Houstoan "that she had ... Read More

NASA Manager Expresses Remorse

Wednesday July 23, 2003
CNN.com reports that Linda Ham, who led Columbia's mission management team, said no one should be blamed for the tragedy. Ham, who dismissed the possibility during the flight that the ... Read More

Wedding Space Blues

Tuesday July 22, 2003
Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log Blog says that reports of the cancellation of the "Space Wedding" of International Space Station (ISS) commander, Yuri Malenchenko to his fiance, Kat Dmitriev, while Malenchenko ... Read More

Disabled? Not This Adventurer

Tuesday July 22, 2003
According to an article in Manchester Online, Darren Conroy, a psychology teacher from Poynton, England, "is heading for a new frontier for wheelchair users - space." Despite being confined to ... Read More


Tuesday July 22, 2003
70 sextillion! That's the total number of stars in the known universe, according to a study by Australian astronomers. CNN.com says this number was drawn up based on a survey ... Read More

First Stars Had No Planets

Monday July 21, 2003
According to an article from the BBC, "The first stars to form in the Universe had no planets. Only later generations of stars, that contained more metal, were able to ... Read More

Cosmonaut Scraps Wedding In Space

Monday July 21, 2003
In an update to an earlier story, CNN.com now says that International Space Station (ISS) Commander Yuri Malenchenko is going to postpone his wedding. Perhaps he visited the About Weddings ... Read More

In Space, No One Can Hear, "I do."

Monday July 21, 2003
An article from CNN.com, says International space station commander Yuri Malenchenko will wed his fiance, Ekaterina Dmitritv, either by phone or proxy next month. This will be the first wedding ... Read More

Apollo 11 Landing

Sunday July 20, 2003
Thirty-four years ago today, Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the Lunar surface. Happy anniversary.

Analyzing the Reobservations - Signals From ET?

Friday July 18, 2003
The Planetary Society has posted an update on SETI@home's Stellar Countdown reobservations from March. At that time, the Berkely Universtity based SETI@home chose the best candidates (166) from the millions ... Read More

An Out of This World Lottery Jackpot

Friday July 18, 2003
According to MSNBC, Space Adventures, the company that sent American billionaire Dennis Tito and South African Mark Shuttleworth into space, have been talking to a "'number of lotteries around the ... Read More

Apollo 11 Day 3; 1969

Friday July 18, 2003
Thirty-four years ago today, the Apollo 11 spacecraft entered Lunar orbit and made final preparations for the mission of the century.


Friday July 18, 2003
While the investigation into the space shuttle Columbia tragedy continues, NASA continues normal operations. NASA Presentations At IGARSS Symposium NASA scientists will present a variety of Earth science topics at the International ... Read More

Asteroid Hunters Discover Near-Earth Object with New Camera

Thursday July 17, 2003
NASA astronomers in pursuit of near-Earth asteroids have already made a discovery with the newly installed Quasar Equatorial Survey, or 'Quest,' camera mounted in mid-April on Palomar Mountain's 1.2-meter (48-inch) ... Read More

Apollo 11 Day 2; 1969

Thursday July 17, 2003
The launch for the first human journey to the surface of the Moon had gone off without a hitch when Apollo 11 blasted aloft on a Saturn V booster at ... Read More

We Can All Breathe Easier

Thursday July 17, 2003
A new article from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says that scientists are now saying that "fewer asteroids than previously thought are likely to collide with the Earth and cause widespread ... Read More

Shuttle Employees Air Complaints

Thursday July 17, 2003
In a MSNBC article, a source at the Columbia Accident Investigation Board said "NASA inspectors charged with making sure space shuttles are safe to fly were forced to buy their ... Read More

Education Tops NASA News

Wednesday July 16, 2003
NASA has started its 2003 Summer High School Apprenticeship Research Program (SHARP) after competitively selecting 340 students representing nearly every state, Puerto Rico, and St. Croix. They are also working ... Read More

About Astronomy and Space Top 25 Updated

Wednesday July 16, 2003
Discover what others are reading here at About Astronomy and Space. This is the top 25 most popular articles, so don't stop when you see the advertisement in the middle ... Read More

34 Years Ago - Liftoff Into History

Wednesday July 16, 2003
Today is the 34th anniversary of the liftoff of Apollo 11, which carried Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins into the history books. The Space Race, and competition to ... Read More

Columbia Crew Likely Alive After Data Stopped

Wednesday July 16, 2003
A USATODAY.com article quotes a NASA source as saying that it is likely the crew of the space shuttle Columbia, which disintegrated during reentry in February, was alive more than ... Read More

CAIB Says To Improve Pictures.

Tuesday July 15, 2003
A Yahoo! News article says the Columbia Accident Investigation Board will recommend that NASA obtain better images of shuttle launches from the spacecraft itself and transmit those pictures during the ... Read More

NASA Announces Independent Engineering And Safety Center

Tuesday July 15, 2003
NASA today announced plans to create an independent Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) at the agency's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., to provide comprehensive examination of all NASA programs ... Read More

Moon Near Mars in Sky July 16-17, Eclipse for Some

Tuesday July 15, 2003
According to an article at Space.com, the Moon will appear very close to Mars in the night sky on July 16 and 17. In fact, some fortunate people will see ... Read More

Columbia Accident Investigation Board Working Scenario

Monday July 14, 2003
While the CAIB expects to publish its final report late next month, they have released a working scenario, which does not paint a rosy picture of NASA. Retired Navy Adm. ... Read More

NASA Hired Too Many Astronauts

Saturday July 12, 2003
According to a CNN article a report from the Inspector General's office, which should have been released in February, but which was delayed due to the space shuttle Columbia's accident, ... Read More

Read More About Astronomy and Space

Friday July 11, 2003
Discover all the articles published here at About Astronomy and Space. Also, check out the Top 25 features and learn what others are reading here. You can also easily find your ... Read More

Open Letter to Congress on Near Earth Objects

Wednesday July 9, 2003
Space.com reports that "A distinguished group of Americans joined together to send a unique request to Congressional leaders Wednesday" ... "that preparations be made to deal with the prospect of ... Read More

CAIB Finds "Smoking Gun

Wednesday July 9, 2003
Space.com has reported that a test conducted on Monday fired a chunk of foam insulation at shuttle wing approximating the speed of the piece which struck Columbia shortly after launch. ... Read More

Opportunity Launches

Tuesday July 8, 2003
The second of two Mars Rovers launched last night aboard a Boeing Delta II launch vehicle. Opportunity's dash to Mars began with liftoff at 11:18:15 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (8:18:15 ... Read More

Pegasids Meteor Shower Starting

Monday July 7, 2003
Check out the Astronomical Events Calendar to learn more about this annual event, as well as others. Discover the Perihelion of Comet C/2001 HT50 (LINEAR-NEAT), and the next solar eclipse.

How About Superglue? - Opportunity Launch Delayed

Monday July 7, 2003
The launch of the second Rover, NASA Mars Rover Opportunity, has been delayed, again, until today. It seems that attempts to glue a special insulation to the Delta II rocket ... Read More

We Live In An Old Neighborhood

Thursday July 3, 2003
I'm currently on vacation. On Monday, I went whitewater rafting with my family on the French Broad River. Our guide told us the French Broad is one of the oldest ... Read More

Space Is A Dangerous Place

Tuesday July 1, 2003
Yesterday was the anniversary of the Soyuz 11 tragedy. The US has had its share of disasters as well. In January of 1967, the first deaths of the American space ... Read More

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