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Solar System Tattoo

By June 14, 2006

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I must say that I have never desired to get a tattoo, even though I have a nephew and a good friend who are both tattoo artists. Among other reasons, I don't like pain, but I also just don't want to mark up my body. However, I still admire good tattoo artistry. For that reason, and another that should be obvious, this United Press International article caught my eye.

Ira Klotzko, a computer programmer in Jersey City, has finally decided to get a tattoo, after waiting until he was 38. Now, here's the interesting part. Because of his life-long love of astronomy, he's decided to have the entire solar system tattooed on his stomach. He says he thought of the idea while lying in bed one night, then gave himself a year to decide if he still wanted to do it. He jokes to New York Post that "it's really accurate because the universe is also expanding." Maybe we can get a picture of it.

The Post also reports that a study in the American Academy of Dermatology says that about 25% of Americans 18 - 50 have received tattoos. I'm not one of them, but someone who is and knows a lot about them is Karen Hudson, the Guide to About Tattoos.

Image Credit: NASA
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