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Relive the Space Race

By April 7, 2005

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The Space Race, and competition to land on the moon was a product of the Cold War. Not only was it an effort to prove technological superiority, but there was also a real fear on both sides that the other might place weapons of mass destruction in space. Relive the exciting days of the space race with these Top 10 Videos About Early Space Race.
  • On Jan 5, 2004, ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft successfully executed an essential planned maneuver to reduce its orbit around the Red Planet.
  • Astronomy & Space Daily News Headlines for April 7, 2005.
    • Space Shuttle Moved to Launch Pad
    • Probe Takes Fresh Look at Titan
    • It's a bird! It's a space plane! It's Sir Richard Branson
  • Learn more about Venus.
  • Forum Post of the Day:

    Subject: Manned Missions
    "I am a member of the Planetary Society and keep up to date on events as time allows. I know we have a tough road to follow to Mars and am sure we need to get some long term experience on our Moon prior to venturing to Mars with a manned mission."
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